Meet Engr Sarat Braimah, Lagos area manager of National inland waterways authority, who doubles as the OAF girl child 2021 first quarter role model.

Sarat Braimah from her younger days,has always flown the blue flag and lobes the water economy. She may not have an olympic gold medal in swimming competition but has her eyes set on conquering the mechanical engineering world,a dream which took her through Federal University of Technology Minna,in Niger State ,where she braced forth a degree in Engineering and masters in maritime and transport management.

Not satisfied in her quest for academic excellence in a field many people thought was reserved for men.Engineer Sarat capped her educational laurel with a diploma in marine craft survey from international institute of Marine Survey,United Kingdom.
Engineer sarat joined National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA) in 2001 as a dotting engineering rookie and through dent of hardwork,self discipline and determination to excel,grew through the ranks and became Head of Marine department in 2017.

While in this position,her job progile includes providing marine engineering achitecture for the lagos area Office,interfacing with boat operators and other marine stakeholders,supervision of extant marine regulations and writing briefs on marine activities ,generating revenue profiles on marine and sundry activities in the area office and providing leadership.

She held this position until September 219 when she was elevated to the position of Area Manager Of Lagos Office by the management of NIWA based on hardwork,inspiring leadership and competence to deliver revenue mandate.